Canapes or Grazing Table?

With the rise in popularity of the grazing table at weddings and events, we still direct our clients more to the canape style of menu for the post-ceremony, pre-reception hour.

Grazing tables look amazing and we do love putting them together, but here’s a few things to consider before choosing your preferred style of cocktail hour menu.

  1. What will your grazing table look like after you’ve had a number of guests taking from it? One of the biggest issues is that it will need to be kept replenished if you want it to maintain its look. This may lead to wastage.
  2. Are all your guests with dietary requirements going to be suitably catered to by a grazing table?
  3. How hot will it be on the day and will there be suitable cover to save your grazing table from spoilage?
  4. Is there sufficient room at the venue to make sure that the table is accessible from both sides to ensure you guests can access and fully take advantage of the food.

Benefits of having canapes served by our team are that we ensure EVERYONE is eating. One of the main issues you can have at a wedding is that from the ceremony until the guests leave there is approximately 8 hours that your guests are onsite. With alcohol flowing it makes sense for us to keep the guests well fed and watered throughout the day.

Feel free to ask us about our menu options. We are happy to help shape your important day!