Can we schedule a tasting before hiring you? If so, there a tasting fee? The team are happy to organise a tasting prior to booking. There will be a service charge included to cover the cost of a chef for the time.


Is there a deposit required? Yes. We will require a deposit of 25% of the estimated food costs at the time the booking is confirmed. This will be deducted from any outstanding amounts owing once your event is completed.


Do your fees change based on time of the day, day of the week, or season? No. Our menu costs are the same at any time and based on a minimum number of 40 guests.


What is included in the catering services? Our menu price includes all applicable cutlery and crockery, white or black linen napkins, kitchen equipment transportation, food wait service staff hours, food related waste disposal costs and tea and coffee to accompany dessert (where applicable).


How much time do you require to set up? Our catering team requires 2-3 hours prior to the service of any food for setting up purposes.


Will your staff fold the dinner napkins? If so, are there options for fold styles? Yes. As the napkin is included in our menu cost we will fold the napkins (usually in a book shaped style). If you have specific folding requirements we will be happy to help out.


What time do you recommend serving dinner? The average length of the reception from the ceremonyh to the end is usually around 8 hours. We would suggest serving canapes after the ceremony with drinks, then sitting for dinner around 2-3 hours after the ceremony. We will interact with your MC to ensure timings run as smoothly as possible and to ultimately have the guests up and dancing to enjoy the entertainment.

8 .

What is the most popular food service style? Wedding guests love our shared platters menus as they get to try a little of something from all that is available. 


Do you have alternative food options for children? Are children charged differently than adults? Yes. We can offer a simple meal for a child (like roast chicken and vegetables with a chocolate brownie for dessert) at a cost of $25+GST per child. 


Do you accommodate dietary restrictions like vegetarians, vegan, gluten-free, allergies, etc? If so, are there any additional fees? Yes. For any specific dietary requirements, these will all be catered sperately as long as we have been informed prior to the event (no extra costs will be involved). 


How do you handle vendor meals? It is important to make sure your vendors are fed also as they may have been at the event for a long time. If you have a photographer or band member that requires a meal, we can organise one for $25+GST.

12 .

Will the staff clear all plates and food from the tables after dinner is served? Does “clean up” include cleaning the entire venue after the reception is over? Our menu price includes our team clearing all left over food, plates and cutlery from the tables. Any additional cleaning that is required by the venue itself will be charged additional hours according to the length of time required to leave in an acceptable condition by the venue.

13 .

How long will the staff stay after dinner has been served? Our team will leave once all food related items and napkins are removed from the tables. (If we are providing beverage service, then team will not leave until all items are removed from the venue

14 .

Does your staff handle cake cutting and distributing the cake? If so, is there a fee? Yes. We can organise to cut the cake for you and serve on platters at no extra charge.


Can we bring in our own wine/champagne/beer to be served? Yes (if the venue allows). If you are organising your own beverage you will need to factor in a chiller trailor, ice, glassware, recycling bins and potentially drinking water if the venue does not have drinkable water. We can organise beverage service and you will be charged for the hours assosciated.

16 .

Will your staff make sure no guest is over-served with alcohol? Yes. Every event will have a licensed duty manager and will manage your guests to ensure there are no intoxicated persons on the day.

17 .

Is your company catering other events on the same day as our wedding? If so, will you have adequate staff to cover our event? How many servers will work at our wedding? Potentially. We have a strong team of event managers that will ensure that your event is executed to our high standards. We can run up to four events on one day, and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional events for every occasion.

18 .

Are there any additional fees that I should know about? Venue related fees may be required. If your venue has no kitchen space, a kitchen marquee and generator may be required. We can advise of these costs when you enquire.


When do I need to give you the final head count? Six weeks prior to your event, we will contact you to receive final details, menus, timings and any other information you need us to know. Our minimum numbers will be required two weeks prior to your event and an invoice for all known expenditure will be sent. 

You can adjust numbers upwards any time up until the day before the event.

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