Wood fired grill Market Food Stall

Choose 1 item


Slow cooked beef rib w/ chimi churi, savoy and almond slaw and fresh baked buns Pork belly w/ chipotle sauce, apple slaw and fresh baked buns


Live Wok Station

Choose 1 of either noodles or dumplings option



Singapore noodles w/ prawns and char siu pork

Hoisin duck w/ bok choy, ginger, spring onion and organic ramen noodles



BBQ pork bun

Shitake mushroom and chive dumplings

Pork and coriander dumplings


Slow cooked Market Food Stall

Corn fed chicken thigh braised w/ white wine, mushroom and wild thyme

Cardrona lamb leg braised w/ local rosemary, central Otago pinot noir

Truffled potato mash (GF)


Manuka smoked Market Food Stall

Manuka smoked salmon w/ horseradish, beet and cress salad


Fish and Chips Market Food Stall

Beer battered Blue cod and chips w/ a section of sauces, salts, dressing and fresh lemon


Dessert Market Food Stalls

Choose 1 option


Cheese Market Food Stall

A selection of local cheeses w/ spiced figs, house made quince paste and crackers


Petit dessert Market Food Stall

Mini lemon tarts

Chocolate truffles (GF)

Coconut, lime and star anise panna cotta w/ passionfruit (GF)


Ice cream Market Food Stall

Fresh local ice cream w/ homemade sauces and a selection of toppings toasted nuts, chocolate drops, mini marshmallows, hundreds and thousands, wafers

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Market Food Stalls Menu
Choose 3 Market Food Stalls and 1 Dessert Food Stall