Wood fired grill Market Food Stall

Choose 1 item


  • Slow cooked beef rib w/ chimi churi, savoy and almond slaw and fresh baked buns

  • Pork belly w/ chipotle sauce, apple slaw and fresh baked buns


Live Wok Station

Choose 1 noodle option plus dumplings



  • Singapore noodles w/ prawns and char siu pork

  • Hoisin duck w/ bok choy, ginger, spring onion and organic ramen noodles



  • Shitake mushroom and chive dumplings

  • Pork and coriander dumplings


Slow cooked Market Food Stall

  • Corn fed chicken thigh braised w/ white wine, mushroom and wild thyme

  • Cardrona lamb leg braised w/ local rosemary, central Otago pinot noir

w/ Truffled potato mash (GF)


Manuka smoked Market Food Stall

  • Manuka smoked salmon w/ horseradish, beet and cress salad


Fish and Chips Market Food Stall

  • Beer battered Blue cod and chips w/ a section of sauces, salts, dressing and fresh lemon


Dessert Market Food Stalls

Choose 1 option


Cheese Market Food Stall

  • A selection of local cheeses w/ spiced figs, house made quince paste and crackers


Petit dessert Market Food Stall

  • Lemon tartlets w/ lemon curd & vanilla mascarpone

  • Mini oreo cheescake

  • Dark chocolate truffles (GF)


Ice cream Market Food Stall

  • Fresh local ice cream w/ homemade sauces and a selection of toppings toasted nuts, chocolate drops, mini marshmallows, hundreds and thousands, wafers

Winter Warmer Market Food Stall

  • Apple and stone fruit crumble 

  • Sticky date pudding with hot caramel sauce 

Market Food Stalls Menu
(Minimum guest numbers 100)

Choose 3 Market Food Stalls and 1 Dessert Food Stall