• Andy Thompson

Finalists in the Westpac Queenstown Business Awards

It was a fantastic year for us here at In2Food Catering and to top it off we were named as a finalist in the Westpac Queenstown Business Awards organised with the Chamber of Commerce in Queenstown.

With Queenstown being a fiercely competitive hospitality driven community, it is a great hour to be up for contention in the 'Destination Queenstown Excellence in Hospitality or Accomodation Award'.

Over the past few years, the team has strengthened with the introduction of Andy Thompson as Sales Manager. Thilo Kellner as Head Chef and Silke Kellner as Functions Manager.

With our exclusive venue, Winehouse, we have the fantastic Samantha Collins in the Sales and Venue Manager role.

The strong team are now all shareholders in the business and their expertise and flair in making your event one to remember has been the backbone of the success of In2Food.

The team looks forward to helping create lasting experiences for our guests!

Thanks for your support!

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