• Andy Thompson

#isobaking - Gnocchi and pesto

Today's isobaking - Gnocchi and Pesto Gnocchi Recipe: Ingredients: 400g potato 100g flour 1 egg 1 tbsp salt

Boil or roast potatoes till soft Rice or mash potatoes Add egg, flour and salt Add flour to workbench and roll potato dough into desired shape Blanch gnocci in salted water till they float on top Chill in a bowl of cold water Heat butter in a pan Sautee gnocci till golden

Pesto Recipe: Ingredients: Handful toasted walnuts Bunch of basil Handful of spinach 1 tbsp Nutritional yeast or parmesan 100ml olive oil 2 cloves garlic Salt and pepper to taste

Toast walnuts Blanch spinach Add all ingredients together in food processor Season to taste

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