We love our Town and we love our Country…  

We are doing everything we can to protect our local environment through sustainable practices and charitable giving.

Protecting the Environment

It’s stunning here, and we know we’re incredibly lucky to live and work in the Queenstown region. The spectacular alpine setting of the Southern Lakes is what originally attracted many of the In2Food team to this area, and we want to ensure that our future generations are able to enjoy the mountains, lakes, rivers, and snow as much as we do.

We believe that we can impact our environment for the better- it begins in our backyard (quite literally in the case of growing our own food, composting regularly, and feeding food scraps to local piggeries.) We’ve got a whole sustainability policy, but in short our efforts include buying local, reducing landfill, using biofuel, carpooling, recycling… and a whole lot more.

​We source all our food locally (where possible) and from sustainable companies. The less amount of transportation required, the less carbon emissions to our environment.

When it comes to cleaning products, we have introduced a new environmentally friendly range and for those items not yet available, we are in contact with suppliers to source products which meet our environmentally friendly expectations.

Compostable Packaging

​We are constantly in talks with our suppliers to reduce packaging or look for compostable alternatives. in2Food also acquires compostable disposable tableware and cups, and even vegetable based straws for events throughout the Queenstown region.